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10 Great Valentine Gifts to Help Set the Mood and #2 actually is “Forever”!

Valentines day shopping is easy for me. I'm in love. So I just go down town, my head brimming with thoughts of my great guy. I spend an hour or two just looking at things I would love him to have, while I dream about how his face will light up when he opens the gifts I have brought. (sigh)

For some people Valentines Day isn't so easy - it can be hard to pick a gift for someone you just met or even for someone you have been with for years. For the former you may not want to get too heavy and for the latter you may not want to treat Valentines Day too lightly.

So here for you, are my recommendations - funny and otherwise for friends, crushes, lovers and partners.

For friends you may choose something that shows your wit. You can buy your gamer friend an eight-bit flower bouquet to brighten their day. For really good friends you can name a roach after them. What better way to declare your everlasting love than to name one of these insects who will probably out live the entire human race? To show that your affection knows no bounds how about a colossal diamond ring? It is a gift that says I love you way too much to ever marry you!

Just met somebody? That can be the hardest person to buy for. A tongue-in-cheek do-it-yourself Valentines card might be good but what would be better is a temporary tattoo of their name on your butt. If you want more-cute-than-funny, a single flower is nice but if your relationship has gone beyond that cute phase, perhaps in a single flower made out of condoms is more appropriate.

For your lover, lingerie can serve two purposes. They can be comfortable loungewear for her and I will leave it up to your imagination what he may get out of it. If he is not comfortable in a lacy twin set, you can't go wrong with some bacon flavoured jam for him to spread on his toast. Men are so easy!

For your long time partner, some comfy Woolrich slippers are just the thing to remind them that there is nothing that fits better than a pair of well-worn shoes. Candles are definitely appropriate. Think aromatherapy or apothecary; the natural fragrances can lift the spirits and calm the mind.

Bella Cakes Niagara can make your Valentine's Day special with cookie bouquets arranged in a custom Valentines Day vase or a Baileys, Nutella, New York or Toblerone heart shape cheesecake to be shared between the two of you after a wonderful home cooked meal is nice too.

You can go all out with our romance package of mini cheesecakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and a dozen red roses or for your sweetheart - cake pops, mini cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, and truffles.

For your last minute shopping Bella Cakes Niagara will be filled with truffles, chocolates, cookies, cake-pops, cupcakes and desserts!!

We wish you a happy Valentine's Day, love, laughter, and a little snuggle.


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