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Deluxe Cakes, including Cheesecakes are a great way to end a satisfying meal or for when you just want to treat your guests extra special.

Deluxe Cakes

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse*

Rich white chocolate mousse flavoured with Chambord, resting on a sponge cake base with fresh raspberries. Wrapped in white chocolate and topped with shavings. 

Dark Chocolate Mousse*

Rich dark Belgium chocolate mousse flavoured with Grand Marnier, resting on a chocolate sponge cake base. Wrapped in dark chocolate and topped with shavings. *Available gluten free, charges may apply*

Tiramisu “Pick me up”

Homemade lady fingers soaked in espresso and rum, layered with a creamy mascarpone filling flavoured with Marsala wine.  Dusted with cocoa powder. 

Cafe Royal*

Chocolate crust layered with a rich mocha mousse and topped with a white chocolate mousse. Finished with a silky chocolate glaze and white chocolate design. 

Chocolate Explosion (Gluten Free)

Flourless chocolate cake layered with a rich chocolate silk, caramel, pieces of cheesecake and brownies. Wrapped in chocolate and topped with brownie pieces and caramel. 



Bella Cakes signature rich and creamy chocolate hazelnut filling, resting on a graham cracker crust. Topped with a silky ganache and crusted with ground hazelnuts.


Smooth creamy filling flavoured with baileys liquor, resting on a chocolate crumb crust. Topped with fresh coffee whipped cream and crusted with chocolate shavings.

Crème Brûlée

Vanilla Bean cheesecake resting on a graham crust. Topped with a crème brûlée cream and caramelized sugar. 

White Godiva Chocolate and Raspberries

Rich white chocolate filling, flavoured with Godiva liquor. Resting on a bed of fresh raspberries and a chocolate crust. Covered in white chocolate shavings and topped with fresh raspberries.

New York Cheesecake

The original creamy New York cheesecake on a graham cracker crust. Topped with fresh fruit and crusted with almonds. *Available as cherry cheesecake*

Cookies n’ Cream

A creamy cheesecake mousse blended with Oreo cookies. Resting on an Oreo crumb crust and topped with Oreo pieces, drizzled with white chocolate. 

Red Velvet White Chocolate

Creamy white chocolate cheesecake mousse resting on a red velvet cake base. Wrapped with a white chocolate lattice and topped with chocolate shavings

Toblerone Caramel

A creamy cheesecake mousse filling, blended with melted Swiss Toblerone chocolate. Resting on a chocolate crust and crowned with chocolate shavings and topped with fresh caramel and Toblerone pieces. 


Light and citrus cheesecake filling flavoured with limoncello liquor. Resting on a biscotti cookie crust and topped with lemon curd. 

Peanut Butter Trio

Peanut butter cheesecake mousse resting on a chocolate crust. Layered with a chocolate peanut butter ganache, topped with peanut butter cream rosettes and peanut butter cups.  



*Available Gluten Free, charges may apply. (Actually, many of our cakes are now available Gluten Free or even Egg Free! Unfortunately, none are available delicious-free!)


**Bella Cakes Niagara bakes products for your total sensory enjoyment.

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