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Bridgeburg Celebrates Halloween with the Fort Erie Community - 2015

Who doesn’t love a party? And who doesn’t love to dress up. When you put the two together, IT MUST BE HALLOWEEN.

Our first Halloween in the Bridgeburg district of Fort Erie was celebrated in Saturday October 31. If you missed it you missed a scary good time.

Participating merchants and the Bridgeburg Business Association did a great job with the annual Trick or Treat, cookie decorating and spooky games.

The haunted house was very poplar with ghosts and goblins of all ages, but it was especially fun to see the delight in the kids’ faces all dressed up and anticipating the evening’s fun outside, trick or treating with their friends.

The adults got into the fun and dressed up as their kids’ super heroes or themed out like one family did when they showed up as the entire Addams Family from television. Our favorites were the children that came dressed as cupcakes, naturally.

It was good to see that among the assortment of super heroes and Disney characters, the time-honoured tradition of sewing costumes and creating them from found objects around the house was still going strong.

We saw Red Riding Hood and Minecraft and even a little girl dressed as a bum - whose sign saying, “will work for candy” had just the right amount of whimsy and humour.

The imagination of some of the costumes was really amazing. Especially the Transformer costume that turned from a regular army man into a hulking tank, right in front of our eyes.

Old and Young, from babes in strollers to grandmothers with canes got into the act. Thanks to a great group of merchants and of course all our=r friends in Fort Erie fro making it a scare- tastical good time.

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